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There no doubt that health and wealth come hand in hand.

it is estimated 1 employee can cost a business £568 per year in asenteeism and 3.5 times more for presenteeism.


A mentally fitter business is centred around nurturing the well-being of the entire organisation, being proactive and positive in the transformation to empower leaders and employees to gain the tools and understanding necessary for leading a healthy and sustainable business.

We work with:

  • Small medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Charities
  • Community interest companies
  • Nonprofits

By prioritising effective communication, PR, training workshops, and strategic business planning. Placeing people at the core of business operations, fostering a supportive and empowered environment.

This approach not only guarantees organisational sustainability but also increases profitability and improves talent retention and attraction, setting the stage for a mentally fitter and resilient business, helping you see a healthy return on investment.

Case studies

case 1

Case Study 1:

Sarah, a 50-Year-Old Office Manager

Introducing Sarah. For over a decade, she's been the backbone of her office, going above and beyond to get the job done. But even the most dedicated among us can hit a wall. Lately, she's been feeling the burnout and the overwhelm.

Sarah's well-being is impacting her work ability. She's becoming more forgetful and has trouble concentrating on tasks. She's also feeling more anxious and stressed, resulting in more sick days.

Her colleagues have noticed she's less engaged and motivated, impacting team morale. Sarah does not know what is wrong with her and cannot find the courage to seek support, for fear of being weak and not being taken as seriously as she once was.

Issues identified:

  1. Declining Work Efficiency
  2. Employee Absenteeism/ Presenteeism
  3. Team Morale & Productivity
  4. Workplace Support & Credibility
  5. Hormonal Changes Affecting Performance

Addresses by:

  1. Energy Management
  2. Wellness Programs
  3. Team Collabration Initiatives
  4. Confidential Support Services
  5. Specialised Support & Awareness

Issues identified:

  1. Decreased Productivity & Increased Errors
  2. Lowered Team Morale
  3. Schedule Disruptions & Risk of Burnout
  4. Increased Health Risks
  5. Financial Costs & Legal Risks

Addresses by:

  1. Enhance Cognitive Function
  2. Build Emotional Intelligence
  3. Stress Management
  4. Promote Psychological Well-being
  5. Financial & Legal Awareness
case 2

Case Study 2:

John, a 35-year-old construction worker.

Meet John. He's been in the industry for over 10 years and loves his job. But like many of us, he forgets to take care of himself in the process. Skipping lunch breaks and working long hours, John knows the importance of taking time for himself, but rarely does.

John has been feeling slightly off lately, and it's starting to show at work. He's noticed he's not as sharp as he used to be and his productivity has taken a hit. Plus, his colleagues have started to notice he's not quite himself. He has started more aggressively and turns up late for work. He also is making more mistakes and drinking more.

This decline is not only affecting his own well-being but is also creating a ripple effect throughout the team.



Prioritise mindset and well-being to thrive in business. Enhance understanding, communication, and workplace community to supercharge performance and staff retention.

Our mission is to equip you, your leaders, and your employees with the tools to care for each other and themselves.

Level 0


To begin any culture change we have to make sure everyone understands why and how it is happening.

Expanding your organisation's reach involves more than just internal enhancements; it includes all stakeholders connected to your business.

By enhancing communication within your organisation to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, both online and offline.

Our services enhance communication within your organisation and establish measures to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, both online and offline.

We boost your visibility by collaborating with local media agencies to spread your message widely and providing specialized training for your teams in engagement and social media management.

  • Internal / External Communication Strategies
  • Social media | Marketing | Writing training
  • Content writing
  • PR
  • Bid Writing

Starting at £100*

Level 1


Start to create a culture of well-being.

Starting to empower your team through the 10 foundations of mental fitness, we can support you and your team through lunch and learns, half-day, or full-day courses.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to enhance your team's mental well-being and overall performance.

By investing in your team's mental fitness, you are not only improving their individual well-being but also creating a more positive and productive work environment for everyone.

  • Lunch and learns.
  • Half day / Full day training.
  • Posters and cheat sheets.

Starting at £250

Level 2


Start to create a culture of well-being.

Expand and integrate mental fitness into your workplace culture.

We tailor our strategies to align with HSE guidelines and mental health best practices and ensure a sustainable and compliant approach through policy reviews and the creation of a steering group. Working together to promote mental fitness in the workplace.

  • Builds on Level 0 | 1
  • Tailored well-being strategy.
  • Policy review and development.
  • Well-being initiatives and steering group development.

Starting at £500*

Level 3


Sustain your well-being investment.

Our crisis intervention therapy is always ready to provide support during critical moments, and continuous guidance enhances mental well-being, throughout your business development, driving both individual and team performance.

Plus, with an annual well-being review, we ensure you stay on track.

  • Builds on Levels 0 |1| 2.
  • Yearly well-being review.
  • Crisis intervention therapy.
  • Ongoing support and guidance.
  • Ensures long-term effectiveness.

Starting at £500pm*


Mental fitness Personalised

Customise your well-being intervention.

Our tailored approach means we create bespoke training solutions that meet your specific needs.

By working closely with you, we ensure our interventions are relevant, applicable and effective. It's about aligning with your goals to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

  • HR-aligned mental fitness modules.
  • Workshops for well-being leadership.
  • Department-specific interventions.
  • Boosts existing well-being strategies.
bispoke training

For face-to-face delivery, if travel from PR4 is over 90 minutes. An additional charge of £160 for overnight stay.