Our lived experience of trauma, fused with professional expertise, ignites our passion to deliver empowering mental health solutions. We're committed to crafting brighter futures for individuals, communities and workplaces, ensuring well-being for all.

Our Purpose           

We are a non for profit with a purpose is to empower individuals, families, communities, businesses, and organisations to unlock their full potential and enhance mental fitness and overall well-being through our counseling, therapy, training, and consultancy services.

We strive to offer a professional and relatable approach that enables our clients to achieve meaningful and lasting change. Our goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Through our tailored interventions and evidence-based practices, we aim to help our clients build resilience, improve communication, and cultivate healthier coping strategies. Ultimately, we believe that by investing in our mental health and well-being, we can create a more fulfilling and purposeful life for ourselves and those around us.


Raise mental fitness awareness, empowering everyone to prioritise their well-being.

Implement sustainable mental fitness practices and resources at home and in workplaces.

Empower an create a long-term mental fitness culture and community.

Our Team

Richard Cupid

Founder | Well-being consultant | Therapist

Richard is a highly experienced and dedicated counsellor who has been working with individuals and groups since 2014. His deep understanding of mental health issues and their impact on our well-being has allowed him to help his clients overcome trauma, stress, depression, and loneliness.

His personal experience with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts has given him a unique perspective and empathy for those struggling with similar issues. He knows first hand how difficult it can be to ask for help and to overcome emotional pain.

Through therapy and workshop sessions, Richard helps his clients to understand the underlying causes of their struggles and to develop tools to overcome them. He is passionate about helping individuals become mentally fitter and to improveing their lives, both personally and professionally.

richard cupid


  • AIM Awards Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Practice
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Awareness